Meeting Minutes 9/13/2013

Meeting Minutes from September 13, 2013
Virtual meeting, 10am-noon
1. Fall program: Library Secrets: Confessions of falling flat and how to get right back up

  • Program approval form should be approved by the PDP today and advertised in the Happening on Monday
  • Speakers are confirmed for both the morning and the afternoon
  • Need a call for proposals for three sessions in the afternoon
  • Contact CLD to put together a panel of library managers/directors to talk about their experiences managing creative risk-taking (create questions for them to answer)

2. Annual conference

  • 14 proposals submitted
  • 7 programs proposals are approved by our committee, which includes one invited program
  • Last year we had 9 programs including the pre-conference
  • Discussion of potential programs that need revisions and if they overlap with already approved programs proposals
  • After the programs are approved by our committee, they must go through the program approval process of the conference committee – after they are officially approved, Gergana will notify the speakers
  • Gergana has invited speakers from outside the library world

3. Instruction Observation Network

  • Steven Miller (CLD) making sure information gets out there
  • Article will be coming out in the Crab

4.  ACRL Webinar: The Publishing Roller Coaster: Writers Sound Off

  • Approved, and will be released in the Happenings
  • Scheduled for Wednesday, October 9 (Save the Date is published in the blog)
  • Ryan’s daughter after to socialize

5. Two nominations for Vice-president/President-elect and secretary

  • A call with the requirements needs to posted to blog post and Marylib (definitely for secretary)
  • Natalie will run for VP
  • Helpful to have new-ish members run for Secretary, but Danielle is also willing

6. Board meeting/division revision

  • New Members Division – starting point at MLA, and will be helpful to coordinate with this division to attract new members to ACRL MD
  • No board meeting since last ACRL MD meeting = nothing to report
  • Reminded ourselves to do introductions at these virtual meetings

7. Chapters council

  • Chase Ollis is the new liaison
  • Orientation for new chapters leaders
  • Ryan Gjerde at is the admin for the listserv

8. Journal club

  • October journal club, facilitated by Alison Cody, on October 18
  • Alison set survey/blog/Marylib to go out next week

9. Future meetings

  • Next meeting is October 11, 10am to noon on Blackboard Collaborate
  • Move December 20 meeting to December 13 once David gets MLA approval for virtual space

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