ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 8/14/2013

ACRL MD Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2013

1. Recap of summer program

  • Good attendance, and well-done lightening talks
  • Some confusion about what an unconference is, how some of the presentations related to “discovery”
  • Next time send emails directly to registrants as we go and explanations on the blog so format is clear
  • Let people brainstorm in the morning when they are “fresh”

2. Conference planning update

  • Theme: Turn it up! (Or “turnip” if you’re slurring)
  • One workshop session that could turn into a pre-conference
  • Ideas for invited programs:
    • Teaching government documents
    • First-year experience (Carissa?)
    • Institutional Repositories and distance learning
  • Last year:
    • Proposals might not come in until the last minute – might have extended the deadline
    • Push our own institutions to submit proposals
  • We should this year:
    • Identify two invited session in the conference program
    • Identify someone from outside the field of librarianship – not necessarily a key note speaker, but other content
  • Places to cull speakers:
  • Solicit other regional library programs for sessions – Delaware, CALD, SLA
  • Review panel volunteers: – Joanna Gadsby, Alison Cody, Danielle Johnson, possibly Sara Arnold Garza, Michael Shochet
  • Double-blind peer review, then Gergana will look at them unblinded to review results and make sure there’s no overlap with other conference programs

3. News from MLA

  • Strategic Planning group in October – Danielle is on the committee
  • PDP Panel – Alison is on the committee
  • Division ReVision will not directly impact ACRL MD

4. Fall Program Update

  • Theme: “Library secrets:  Confessions of library fails and lessons learned”
  • Friday November 8, Stevenson University Greenspring Campus – potential conflict with MILEX session
    • Move to November 15?  Depending on speaker
  • Call for Proposals will go out mid-September
  • Joanna will send Natalie an updated list of people for volunteers to help
  • Alison will send a list of food items
  • Natalie will contact potential list of speakers

5. I/O network

  • Crab article is finished, Alison will come by Langsdale to take a photo
  • Send something through Marylib this week to remind people (Natalie?)
  • Send to CALD listserv and library directors/instruction coordinators/MILEX

6. Division work plan

  • Joanna will work on the Google doc that David started

7. Other

  • Complimentary ACRL webinars – early October: Publishing Rollercoaster
  • Danielle will put together the PAF

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