Journal Club Discussions – August edition

Looking for a summer read? Discover the latest in library scholarship with the most recent edition of College & Research Libraries.  The Association of College and Research Libraries, Maryland Chapter, is hosting the next online journal club discussion Friday, August 16, from 11:30am-12:30pm. Natalie Burclaff from the University of Baltimore will be leading the discussions, but first you need to vote on the top three articles to read and talk about:

  • Kristin R. Eschenfelder, Tien-I Tsai, Xiaohua Zhu, and Brenton Stewart’s “How Institutionalized Are Model License Use Terms? An Analysis of E-Journal License Use Rights Clauses from 2000 to 2009”
  • Rusty Kimball, Jane Stephens, David Hubbard, and Carmelita Pickett’s “A Citation Analysis of Atmospheric Science Publications by Faculty at Texas A&M University”
  • Marisa L. Ramirez, Joan T. Dalton, Gail McMillan, Max Read, and Nancy H. Seamans’ “Do Open Access Electronic Theses and Dissertations Diminish Publishing Opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities? Findings from a 2011 Survey of Academic Publishers”
  • Shevaun E. Watson, Cathy Rex, Jill Markgraf, Hans Kishel, Eric Jennings, and Kate Hinnant’s “Revising the “One-Shot” through Lesson Study: Collaborating with Writing Faculty to Rebuild a Library Instruction Session”
  • Elizabeth Pickard and Firouzeh Logan “The Research Process and the Library: First-Generation College Seniors vs. Freshmen”

If you need to jump in a little late or leave early (or eat lunch), please do! All articles are freely available via the College & Research Libraries website. ACRL MD’s Online Discussion Series is free and open to all through the MLA Blackboard Collaborate Room (directions below).

Mark your calendars

Upcoming Journal Club Discussion dates:
October 18 (hosted by Alison Cody), December 13 (hosted by Katy Sullivan), February 21 (hosted by Gergana Kostova), and April 18 (hosted by Joanna Gadsby), all Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Blackboard Collaborate Directions

We’ll be on MLA’s online meeting software, Blackboard Collaborate. Join our discussion online at: (you’ll need speakers, microphone optional but recommended).  You will be prompted to enter your  name. Once you are in the meeting room, you can test your speakers and microphone. In the “Audio & Video” pod, there is an icon showing a blue microphone with a red settings gear – simply click on that and Blackboard will walk you through the setup.

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