ACRL Indianapolis Conference Transportation

I’m sharing a great idea from Daniel Verbit at York College in PA for those of you thinking about attending ACRL 2013 in Indianapolis:


As you leave the ACRL Conference in a haze of information overload, we all need to time to debrief, reflect and share all the ideas we heard at the conference. How are others using the information obtained from the conference? What new successful best practices and concepts can you implement? What topics came up in that session you missed? You might be tempted to go back to work Monday, file away your notes and never look at them again.

But what if  you had a chance to extent the great discussions started at ACRL 2013?

Consider the Librarian Train. The “LibTrain” will be a chance to continue the conversations with your colleagues in the MidAtlantic, by taking the Amtrak Cardinal train leaving Indianapolis the Saturday night of the conference and discussions while the beautiful scenery passes by stopping in VA, DC Metro, Baltimore and Philadelphia before arriving in NYC. The idea was inspired by the great conversations that I have experienced after the sessions, while gathered around a hotel patio or a local restaurant. Not sure if it would be a few of us sitting around the lounge car, or a group to do a mini post conference, but putting this out there to gauge interest.

Please fill out the form Interested in Taking the Train Back from ACRL? by visiting


For those of you from the Baltimore area, the train, which leaves Indianapolis at midnight on Saturday, arrives at Penn Station in Baltimore at 7pm. The last time I checked, a one-way ticket from Indianapolis to Baltimore was $84. Please fill out the form above so Daniel has an idea of who’s interested and can share more information with you!

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