ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 1/11/13

ACRL MD Business Meeting

January 11, 2013 at 9:30am


Present: Alison, Katy, Joanna, Sara, Natalie, Danielle, David and Mark

Note: Blackboard not working via the web link, but it was working via phone (although phone and website not linked up). This turned it into a phone conference rather than a Blackboard Collaborate Room.

Conference Updates (Joanna)

  • Speakers: ACRL MD has 8 programs, one pre-conference and one jointly sponsored:
    • Wed morning preconference: Temple librarians on qualitative studies
    • Thurs  9am: UB Natalie + Catherine from UB on planning social media
    • Thurs 10am: 1. Towson Sarah+ Kim handheld devices 2. Library director on online info literacy education for grad schools
    • Thurs 2pm: 1. AACC Brandi and LND Julie on designing assessment procedures 2. Salisbury Mu, Michael and Melissa on taming copyright
    • Thurs: Metrics
    • Fri 9:15: Loyola and UMUC group on teaching/customizing discovery services/
    • Fri: Lib Director from Naval Academy – data and using data (collecting and reporting)
    • Co-sponosoring a program Lucy and Michael from UB data visualization
  • Action item: Alison and Natalie will coordinate scheduling blog posts about each program and one about happy hour.
    • Start posts after registration opens
    • Action item: Joanna will send presenter pictures to use
  • Happy Hour 7-9pm on Wednesday at Liquid Assets
    • Action item: Natalie will call them soon
    • INFORMAL (use the back table from last time)
    • ACRL has money for appetizers
  • Representative for MLA Orientation
    • Joanna volunteered for ACRL MD

Status report on the Instruction Observation Network (Alison)

  • 14 volunteers to be observed, only 7 survey responses, only 1/7 had instruction observation
  • Action item: Promote it for spring now: at journal club and then Alison will post to marylib/social media next week

ALA mid-winter chapters council meeting

  • Danielle is official chair

Journal Club (David)

  • Feedback has been positive
  • Next one: Jan. 18th
  • Action item: Natalie will announce reading selections and that it will be a phone only session!
  • End of the year – call for other journal club facilitators

Next Happy Hour

  • Combine ACRL Webinars with Happy Hour (We have until Oct. to use both)
  • Plan host webinar, followed by discussion, followed by social gathering
  • Friday, March 22 Topic: creating meaningful liaison connections
  • Location: Frederick or Westminster
  • Action items: Danielle will contact McDaniel’s for hosting the webinar; Mark will find happy hour location
  • Action item: David will email to find more info on upcoming webinar, and we will reevaluate whether to wait for June or have second webinar March 5th
  • Action item: David will talk to Margaret about cost structure and filling out a program approval form
  • Free for MLA members and small fee for non-MLA members ($15), some (or all) of which we can put into snacks

Scholarly Roadshow (David w/discussion) Spring/Summer Program

  • Action item: David will talk to Margaret about making the program not-for-profit
  • Action item: David will send a follow up email to continue the conversation to…
  1. Find candidates to host
  2. What we’ll do after the workshop to continue the scholarly comm. initiatives in Maryland
  3. Dates: 2 Fridays in June, 8am-5pm, one non-Friday date

Next meeting: Discuss back-up plan for spring/summer program

Official end time 11:01am

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