ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 10/3/2012

ACRL MD Planning Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2012

1. Review Happy Hour on 9/14

  1. Challenge about the combined happy hour: Having a clear idea of who was there for ACRL MD
  2. Future idea of having a happy hour at various locations across the state – start with next one just outside the beltway
  3. Action item: Katy and Joanna from UMBC will investigate locations and give places a heads up that we’re coming (possibly Rams Head?)
  4. Link next happy hour with DEAL:
    • Dec. 7 (too hectic with end of semester?) *Mark deJong indicated Dec. 7 could work
    • Jan 18 (too early – would students come?)

2. Fall program update

  1. Preliminary form approved for research methodologies and statistical analysis program\
  2. Still confirming exact schedule with presenters and what software is needed
  3. November 16, 9am-4pm
  4. Location: computer lab at Columbia/Loyola:
    • Must cap registration at 35 people for computer lab (normal amount compared to past programs)

3. Conference Committee Update

  1. 8 proposals selected out of 16 submitted – submitters will be notified once the programs are approved by MLA.
  2. All proposals were of high quality
  3. Combined two proposals on Discovery Service
  4. One proposal turned into a pre-conference
  5. Wednesday 7-9pm is free during the conference
  6. Suggestion: Dine-around? Casual?:
    • Action item: Natalie will contact Liquid Assets to reserve back table
    • Discussion having a proposed topic, but decided too formal
    • Have an online sign-up sheet
  7. Other ideas:
    • Orientation session – include divisions
    • Friday lunch session (conflicts with speakers)

4. Instructor Observation Network

  1. 10 people have volunteered to be observed from 8 different institutions
  2. Note: You can include any credit-bearing info lit classes too
  3. Action item: Alison will release the link (Publish to web through Google Drive)
  4. Action item: David will follow up with Barb at UMUC
  5. Action item: David will forward promotional email to Mark de Jong

5. Review Journal Club on 9/21

  1. 2nd ever journal club, 1st of this year
  2. Not many attendees, but also not a good time of year
  3. For the next one on 11/30:
    • Limit to 3 articles
    • Use Poll the day the new journal comes out and give 3 days for voting: Let people know immediately after which 3 are being discussed
    • Give an overview of each one and have points of discussion that people can participate even if they didn’t read

6. Office nominees

  1. Natalie is staying as secretary
  2. Vice-president/president elect is open:
    • Criteria: Attend at least 1 planning meeting and assist planning one event OR involvement in other MLA group (must be a member of MLA)
    • Responsibilities: Select conference proposals, main contact with presenters for MLA conference, attend all planning meetings

7. Social Media and other things

  1. Danielle is chair of ACRL Chapters Council – we have the opportunity to write a blog to share what we’re doing in Maryland
    • Action item: Danielle will send blog info to Natalie to write a blog post
  2. Natalie and Alison set up social media strategy
    • Action item: Natalie will share the process with Mark (minus the passwords)
  3. ACRL Webinars
    • 2 free webinars but they are group registrations (we all have to be in the same location and must watch the webinar live)
    • – see if any look interesting!
    • We are allowed to charge for it
    • Suggested to keep the first one free
      Add value by having a discussion at the end, after the webinar
    • January and July might work best to avoid other programming

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