Instruction Observation Network Needs You!

ACRL MD’s new Instruction Observation Network needs you! We are looking for instruction librarians who are willing to have other librarians come into their classroom to observe their teaching.

The Instruction Observation network is open to librarians of all levels – from library school students through seasoned veterans. (You do not need to be a member of ACRL or MLA to participate.) Instructors should be willing to be observed by librarians who are looking to improve their instruction skills, learn new techniques, or just see how it’s done elsewhere. Instructors who wish to be observed in order to receive feedback on their teaching are also welcome!

If you are willing to have someone come into your classroom to observe your teaching, please sign up here to let us know what types of classes you typically teach, and if there are any special techniques or technologies you sometimes employ. The information collected will be shared publicly on ACRL MD’s blog and via other outlets. Librarians interested in observing a class with you will contact you directly to identify an appropriate session to attend. (All participants should note that instructor volunteers are under no obligation to honor every request received through the network.)

If you want to observe someone, sit tight! Once we have a few more volunteer instructors, we will post the list online and make an announcement.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know! ACRL MD Past President Alison Cody is currently acting as coordinator. You can reach her at or (202) 336-5725.

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