ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 7/30/12

ACRL MD – Business Meeting
Monday July 30, 2012, 1-3pm UMBC

Attendees: Sean Henry, Katy Sullivan, Barbara Cheadle, Kim Miller, Sara Arnold Garza, Natalie Burclaff, Michael Shochet, Joanna Gadsby, David Dahl, Laksamee Putnam, Alison Cody, Andrea Craley, Michael English, Theresa Mastrodo

Note: Technical difficulties working the virtual component of the meeting; working at 1:18pm
Action item: Give Feedback to MLA regarding Wimba

I. Introductions

II. ACRL chapters council report from ALA

  • Chapters agenda is to increase the amount of financial support each chapter gets from ACRL: Currently we receive $1 per each national member in our jurisdiction (Maryland)
  • Considering other options/benefits such as a free ACRL webinar as part of our programming

III. MLA updates

  •  Budget for ACRL MD expenses: $1200 (up from $900) = $500 speaker fees + $550 food + $100 facility costs + $50 supplies
  • Budget for ACRL MD income: $3500 (up from $2100)
  • Note: We had Steven Bell last year at the fall program which was successful

IV. Unconference (June 1) report (Alison Cody)
a. Summary from Danielle:

  • Great ratings (average 4)
  • Comments: Liked the opportunity to network and chat informally, topics were interesting relevant, like lightening rounds, hard to hear afternoon presenters (didn’t use mic)
  • Suggestions for future programs: Technology on a shoe string, social media, accessibly, obsolete and dead technology with new technology, information literacy, conducting reference interviews
  • Overall benefits: Good for networking, net program income of $900

V. Fall program planning

a. Topic brainstorming

i. ACRL Speaker

  •  We can put in requests every year, but our chances are low because we had one last year.
  • Incoming president: Trevor Dawes (circulation services librarian at Princeton University Libraries).
  • Action item: Put in a request for Trevor Dawes

ii. Assessment

  • Many libraries are/have explored RAILS project
  • Speaker from University of Kentucky (Barbara suggested the new librarian at Bowie might know them)
  • Assessment and evaluation is big on agenda w/ info lit skills
  • Great program at Towson – Value of Academic Libraries with Megan Oakleaf (possibly out of our price range)
  • Creating games – tied the students into creation instead of post-assessment (Laksamee from ALA)
  • Want a mixture of workshops, case studies, ability to Communicate Value
  • Lo-tech, Low cost alternatives

iii. Social media

  •  Speakers – analytics? Assessment? Sean might know of contacts from Dymetics (sp?) conference; Natalie may also have contacts

iv. ACRL Trends – Disruption of the Academic Space (Higher Education) (Sara Arnold Garza)

  • Learning space, virtual spaces, new teaching paradigms “disrupting college”

v. Bridging the User Gap (Future of Libraries in November)(Katy Sullivan)

  • Could be part of assessment
  • Panel of students and faculty – not prepped, but different levels, studying different things on what they know about the library (Sara attended) – Model of a focus group assessment activity
  • Speaker: Amanda Johnson (user studies, methodologies) from Canada

vi. Projects that MLS students are working on (Laksamee)– Resume and workshop (CV review) “Date my resume” (Kim) for MLS students

b. Establish a planning group

  • Interested in planning: email David
  • Program Approval Form: Due ASAP

VI. MLA DLA conference updates and discussion (Joanna)
a. CFP process overview and invite for reviewers

  • Looking for 7-8 proposals – we need more submissions (Due Sept 1)!
  • Need a review group: Volunteers – Michael English, Alison Cody, Katy Sullivan (others contact Joanna Gadsby)
  • We will also need a group to introduce speakers

b. Updates from conference committee

  • Changing the schedule – the first keynote speaker is Wednesday evening instead of Thursday morning (Thursday is completely available for programming)
  • Reception Wednesday night at 5:30-7pm, Keynote at 7pm
  • After party social for ACRL MD? (Might be too late)
  • THEME: Forging new paths: Radical and Relevant
  • Possible ACRL MD pre-conference

c. Invited sessions brainstorm

  • Social media conference session – outside people (Natalie)
  • Content management systems (DRUPL) Workshop in preconference (David/Joanna)
  • Hands on – learning and professional development (reinforce skills)
  • Statistics (excel?)
  • Design/pub design handouts
  • Engage in activities that encourage you to think creatively and brainstorm
  • Dress up a libguide
  • Online learning objects/ pedagogy
  • Primo (ACRL) – what is useful
  • Instructional design
  • Embedding strategies – embedded librarians (Debbie from Towson moderated a panel on that – could speak or find speakers)

VII. Other programming opportunities (online literature discussion series, in-person meetups, etc.)
a. Online discussion tool

  • Wimba alternatives? Google hangouts (nice video feature; up to 10 maybe private only) (Theresa Mastrodo, Mou), or Adobe Connect.
  • General issue with lack of microphones
  • Twitter hastags?
  • Stick with Wimba as long as its available

b. Virtual programming

  • Article discussions (Laksamee likes bc it forced her to read something and think about issues of librarianships, brain active and thinking about something), Investigate asynchronous discussion boards
  • Continue to have a virtual component of business meetings
  • Specific discussions ie., Social Media challenges/successes – leading questions; less formal way of talking practices/best practices (like an unconference online)

c. General discussion ideas: Relationship building w/faculty, students, staff (Barbara)
d. Observe instruction at different institutions – facilitate?

  • Action item: Natalie will email Pete Ramsey
  • Volunteer sessions that people could watch – tap into MLS students (co teach classes)

e. In-person meet-ups (like SLA wine and dine arounds, roving location)

  • Sean will arrange happy hour in Frostburg,
  • First one at Howards and then move around to the next one
  • Action item: David will look into whether we need a form for the activity
  • Action item: Barbara will work on filling out form if necessary and arranging the activity

VIII. Summer projects wrap-up discussion – what’s happening at your institution?
a. Discussion of EDS
b. ACRL MD could have a forum for how USM libraries are advertising/ teaching it, challenges/successes (Katy S.)

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