Call for Lightning Round Presenters at ACRL MD’s Unconference

ACRL MD is looking for presenters for the lightning rounds at our upcoming Unconference, If You’ve Got It, Flaunt it: Making the Most of Our Collections in a Fragmented World. The lightning rounds will be 5-10 minute prepared talks (time will depend on the number of presenters, but you will be informed at least 2 weeks before the unconference of the amount of time you will have). We’re looking for presentations on any aspect of library collections: collections themselves, how your library is providing access to collections, tools being used to highlight collections, etc. The possibilities are endless. The lightning talks are intended to serve as a spring board for the round table discussions immediately following. The best topics for lightning round presentations will provide for lively discussion and debate.  Lightning round speakers will be asked to serve as the facilitator at a round table discussion on their topic immediately following the lightning rounds. If you are interested in presenting during the lightning rounds please submit a short proposal containing your presentation topic and at least 3 related questions that will facilitate discussion on your topic during the round table sessions. Proposals are due by Monday May 14. You will notified no later than Friday May 18 if your proposal was accepted. Email all submissions to Danielle Whren Johnson at
The Unconference will be held on June 1 from 9:30-3:15 at Stevenson University’s Greenspring Campus. For more information about the program including registration information please visit

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