ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 2/6/12

ACRL MD meeting–virtual business meeting
February 6, 2012

Attendees: Alison Cody, David Dahl, Danielle Whren-Johnson, Katy Sullivan, Joanna Gadsby, Michael Shochet, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Pete Ramsey, Shana Gass, Gergana Kostova


Open Discussion
ALA Midwinter, Fall classes

DW–Chapters council meeting at ALA
We get $1/member of ACRL national that live in our region and there is a continued effort to try to get an increase in this dollar amount. The ACRL board rejected our proposal even though there has not been an increase since the 1980s. The chapters council meeting spent time discussing what we can do to increase our benefits from ACRL.
-All chapters get this amount of money. $100 is minimum and ACRL-MD normally gets close to $300.
-The chapters council is also talking about what we ask for in addition/as an alternative to that money such as funding for programming and events, free access to webinars, etc. The members of the council are floating ideas about at this point.
-ACRL has consistently said that the funding per member will not increase but they could entertain alternative proposals. If anybody has any good ideas, let Danielle know. She is putting together a working group on the topic.

Fall program
About 40 people attended and we received good feedback. The “forced networking” activities were especially highlighted as useful and enjoyable. The program had two write-ups, one in The Crab and the other by the Chapters Council.

Spring program possibilities
–We were exploring a possible collaboration with MILEX and SLA but this was out of our reach financially.
–We decided to move the Unconference to summer to distance it from MLA and because we were originally going to do another spring program, which we are now not doing.
–We need to start planning unconference to meet MLA goals.
–We may need to do something else for spring to maintain interest in ACRL-MD.

Ideas for other activities/programs
-Library tours
-Casual networking activities
–Lunch discussion via Wimba
–Local happy hour
-Mini-roundtable perhaps with lunch on Wimba
-Discussion groups need program approval form but if it is under 2 hrs, we don’t have to charge per credit. Happy hours will also need PAF.
–In-person network opportunities receiving a lot of support among attendees
–Friday afternoon a suggestion as a good time

We will pursue Wimba discussions (possibly alternating months of Wimba and in-person discussions–Wimba during busier months of instruction and in-person during other months) and early evening friday happy hours to meet

JG–offered to work on planning happy hours
KS–offered to work on planning a local library tour

DW wondering if we’ve received/spent our allotment from MLA, possibly used some/all already for social at conference

Margaret advised us not to use more than $200 of $900 budget for the social gathering at MLA.

ACRL will send email that tells you how much money we get from the year and then we submit for reimbursement. Usually around $280. Only allowed to be used for particular activities. [[Alison checked later and this year we will get $281]]

2012 MLA Conference
Updates and news from DD
–Should have received program if you’re a member
–All of our programs and our social gathering listed [Studies in Socialization…]
–Planner for Liquid Assets? Anyone interested? $200 budget for appetizers. AC and NB to work on this.
–Should we try to get RSVPs or tentative count?

Final checklists for program to be turned in by 2/15.
-Picking up packets for program–DD to pick up–AC and JG to assist
-GK and KS to handle their own programs
-ACRL-MD sponsoring 8 programs

Marketing to academic librarians
-send out notices to ACRL national members
-FB events for different sessions?
-Email list
-Blog posts? Twitter?

2012 Officer Elections
–Ballots released soon, online ballot
–Simmona Simmons organized nominations–Special thanks!

Other business
-Summer unconference planning
-Should be in June for same fiscal year
-Wiki to be set up
-DW, KS, NB, MS to help

Contact information for ACRL-MD officers
Alison Cody, President,
David Dahl, Vice President,
Joanna Gadsby, Secretary,

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