ACRL Meeting Minutes, 8/8/11

In person attendees: Danielle Whren-Johnson, Joanna Gadsby, Katy Sullivan, Shana Gass, Natalie Burclaff, David Dahl, Patty McDonald, Sara Arnold Garza, Carl Olson

Virtual attendees: Alison Cody, Veronica Arellano, Mou Chakraborty

Professional Development Presentation

Roundtable Discussion of ALA Annual

Fall Program (10/14/11)

There is a planning wiki for this program where people can submit ideas. We had to make some  decisions about the program in order to submit paperwork to MLA. The title of the program will be The Future Starts Tomorrow and it is scheduled for October 14th. The tentative location is Loyola Columbia.  Steven Bell will start with a talk about a variety of things. He has to incorporate certain topics such as  ACRL initiatives, user experience, design thinking and how to combine these. Steven will talk for approximately 1.5 hours but will stay the entire day.  Breakfast/start of day will be around 9-10 a.m. and we will finish up at 3:30.

In the afternoon, there will be a panel and a larger group discussion. At this time, we need suggestions for panelists and other ideas for interactive activities.  The purpose of the panel will be to hear about unique and exciting projects/positions from different academic libraries in the area. Alison is drafting a call for panelists. We are looking for a diverse group of people working professionally in academic librarians who feel that they’re doing something unique and/or cutting edge. They don’t necessarily have to be implementing it at this time but have a very new or big idea about something. We are willing to take five people who just have an idea and give each one about ten minutes to talk and take questions.  Katy mentioned that we will need to include parameters of what we want panelists to do. These should include time allotted, the number of other panelists, etc.

2012 conference programs

David and Carrie [Willson-Plymire, MLA-DLA 2012 Conference Director] talked and decided the deadline for the call for proposals should be deadline moved up to 9/15, which is a week before the conference committee meeting.  At the time of this meeting, we had received two proposals so everyone is encouraged to promote participation, especially from local librarians. MLA might pay for some expenses within reason, but it is likely that the organization can’t reimburse any expenses.

Katy is planning the workshop on publishing (previously planned and cancelled for 2011 conference).

Other potential programs (reported from Conference Committee meeting)

Intellectual Freedom Group–session about training staff about how to teach this topic
DLDS–ebooks consortium
TSD–top trends and transitioning to RDA
SIG–getting a job/prof orgs
Writing for the web
Planned abandonment–when to let go of a service or resource
Financial literacy
Collaborations with high schools/elementary schools–information literacy
Grant writing
Sharing marketing ideas (steal these ideas)
Distance education

Carl Olson from GIIG spoke about co-sponsoring a session on American Factfinder 2.  This would be a regular conference session and a trainer from the Census Bureau to attend. The group agreed that this would be a good idea and Carl is going to work on submitting the proposal.

Screencasting is a possible screencasting topic but there need to be computers and we are not yet sure there will be enough for this. There is also the possibility of partnering with LMD for a preconference. David will check on both of these issues at the next Conference Committee Meeting.

Happy Hour at MLA
We are looking into having a happy hour for academic librarians at the conference. This would ideally take place at Liquid Assets. We will look into the possibility of reserving a space and are currently deciding on the best time to do this activity so as not to interfere with other MLA programs.

Nominating Committee

Simmona Simmons has offered to serve as the nominating committee for next year’s officers. Nominations are due 11/1.

Small Discussion Groups

We talked previously about hosting quarterly or semi-annual discussion groups around a topic of interest. These would take place online although hybrid attendance could be a possibility. We need to submit an initial program planning form for this but would only need one for the entire series. Instruction could be a possible topic for the fall, perhaps early or mid November.

Our next meeting is September 6th, 2011 at Loyola-Notre Dame Library from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This will take place in the first floor seminar room. We may need parking passes–updates to come on this issue. The Wimba room is reserved so this will be available for virtual attendance as well as in-person.

Contact information for ACRL-MD officers
Alison Cody, President,
David Dahl, Vice President,
Joanna Gadsby, Secretary,