ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 7/11/11

In person attendees: Danielle Whren-Johnson, Anna Tatro, Joanna Gadsby, Ian Hardy, Barbara Cheadle, Shana Gass

Virtual attendees: Alison Cody, David Dahl, Alan Bogage, Patty McDonald, Sara Arnold-Garza

Jim Fish, Director of Baltimore County Public Libraries
Using Today’s Numbers to Plan Tomorrow’s Services: Effective User Services Assessment (Reprised from ALA annual conference)

Nominating Committee
While division elections aren’t held until the spring, we will need to submit the names of those who are interested in running for ACRL MD offices in November 2011. At this time, we need volunteers to organize the nominating committee and those people will start gathering names of those interested in running for secretary and vice president elect.

Fall Program
Steven Bell will definitely be coming to speak the ACRL MD fall program on October 14th. At this time, we need to design the program’s format including time of day, location, the potential inclusion of other speakers, and generate ideas for topics. The online poll conducted last month indicates that people are interested in two major themes: “Design Thinking and Innovation in Libraries” and “The Future of Academic Librarianship”.

Ideas generated during this discussion:

-Full day program preferred

-Possibility of focusing on the ACRL study, “The Value of Academic Libraries”, ACRL draft standards on media and information literacy, how ACRL sees these reports and standards as fostering innovation and guiding the future of libraries

-Look for libraries in MD putting these standards into practice, perhaps in order to align with accreditation

-Looking for a location close to BWI that could possibly accommodate 75 people and be a flexible workspace. HCC, AACC, UMBC have  been contacted. Loyola Columbia looks like a good bet. The program is tentatively scheduled at this location but we have to wait until the final fall schedule is published to determine if it is definitely free on this date.

-Currently operating under the idea that SB will present in the morning and help lead a hands-on activity in the afternoon.
Any additional ideas for topics or aspects of this program should be sent to ACRL MD officers.

2012 Conference Planning
Call for proposals draft is being updated. Suggestions included that the e-mail that accompanies the form should have more information on this conference as well as a link to last year’s programming. Those submitting proposals will be encouraged to come up with an idea that would also be relevant to non-academic libraries. MLA policies about reimbursement/timeline will be sent in a follow up email once their proposal is accepted. It was proposed that additional language be added to reflect the fact that reimbursement of expenses by MLA is not guaranteed. In addition, if we accept a proposal, the person submitting it should  be informed to hold both the Thursday and Friday of the conference free until we are notified of available time slots.  Possible that preference will be given to local and/or regional presenters? We will aim to get the call for proposals out soon and ask that they are returned by 9/30/11 so we will have time to review them. A selection committee will tentatively meet on 10/3/11. At this time, it will be an open meeting for those interested in participating. However, we do ask that if you have submitted a proposal that you do not attend this meeting!

DD will need to submit ideas for presentations at the Conference Committee meeting on 7/20.

Current ideas include:

-Government Interest Group may be interested in co-sponsoring a program on Factfinder.

-Katy Sullivan is working on reorganizing the publishing session originally scheduled for 2011.

-Pre-conference on screencasting is a possibility but there will be difficulty getting a computer lab for this purpose since the public library is not available this year.  Is it possible to ask people to bring a laptop? This could make the Factfinder workshop difficult as well. DD to inquire at conference committee meeting if they can supply any equipment for this type of presentation.

Other business
Possible tracks at conference

-Is it better to track by topic (technology, leadership, etc) or by type of library? Discussion went the way of type of library since it would be difficult to generate enough broad topics. It was brought up that any track should be indicated in the mini-booklet used at the conference.

A conference theme should be decided by the next time we meet in August.

Small discussion groups
DD posed the idea of holding quarterly discussion groups using hybrid format (Wimba and in person). They would be free and last less than 2 hours. Several people agreed that this was a good idea and DW-J added that it would be a good way to advertise getting value out of your membership. AC added that we should peruse the MLA president’s objectives for potential topics. We could possibly start this in fall 2011. If you have ideas for topics, please send them to ACRL-MD’s officers in the meantime. Contact info is below.

Next meeting is August 8th at Loyola-Notre Dame Library from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This will take place in the first floor seminar room. Parking is free but you will need to check in at the security desk.  The Wimba room is reserved so this will be available for virtual attendance as well as in-person.

Contact information for ACRL-MD officers
Alison Cody, President,
David Dahl, Vice President,
Joanna Gadsby, Secretary,

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