ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 6/6/11

Attendees: Alison Cody, Michael Shochet, David Dahl, Danielle Whren-Johnson, Regina Rose, Joanna Gadsby, Shana Gass, Katy Sullivan, Carissa Tomlinson, Gergana Kostova, Pam Williams, Sara Nixon, Gina Calia-Lotz

Carissa Tomlinson of Towson University, Screencasting: Best Practices

Discussion of Spring Program, Unconference
The structure of this spring’s unconference was changed at the last minute due to the setup of the room and the number of attendees. The original plan was for more formal discussions and presentations but it ended up being a day for informal discussion and impromptu sharing of resources. Feedback for the program included confusion about the lack of structure so there was discussion about whether ACRL MD will put on another unconference next spring and if so, how to improve it.  The networking portion of the morning’s program was well-received and will likely be repeated. Suggestions for next year included a shorter day, farther apart in time from MLA’s annual conference, and getting more individuals involved in leadership roles. Alison concluded at the end of this discussion that we would probably do another program like this in the spring and that ideally, we should do more planning before the event, more marketing of the event, have greater involvement from more members, solicit topics ahead of time and include an option to register for the event on site.

MLA 2011 Conference Feedback
Alison reported that in general, feedback for our annual conference programs was positive. You can view the summarized feedback with this link:
It was also mentioned that we need to be very clear about the topic and audience for each session well in advance so that people will know that it is oriented towards academic libraries.

Report from Leadership Day
Incoming MLA Steering Committee president, Lucy Holman, shared her goals. Things that ACRL-MD can do to support these objectives: tie our work plan to the strategic plan, expand academic membership of MLA, and consider planning one program on leadership and management skills.

Program Ideas
Unconference for spring 2012

For a fall program in 2011, we should be eligible for a free speaker from ACRL national. Alison will look into this.

For the annual conference, Alison hopes that we can plan 5-6 programs including a preconference.  Regina suggested doing more work with the Delaware libraries and if possible, inviting them to attend a virtual planning meeting.  She also suggested inviting local writers to speak and had a particular person in mind who could tie in with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. David mentioned that Virginia is sending out a call for presenters  with submitted proposals and peer review – we could consider having a more rigorous process to attract more academic members. Shana co-planned two programs through a proposal process and reports that they went well.  The first step is to put together a call for proposals.  It should be okay with MLA if we do this. We should include parts of their form (i.e. learning objectives) in application process.

The publishing program planned for the 2011 conference was ultimately cancelled so we would like to try and do that for 2012. Ideally, we should look for speakers from a publishing press and a well-published librarian.  We also usually do a program about technology and one about information literacy so these topics are possibilities.  Regina suggested a program on accreditation, which could be a good preconference topic and particularly relevant as many institutions go through Middle States.  Other broad topics suggested were distance education, embedded librarianship, marketing, assessment and possibly something on the new version of Factfinder.

David brought up the possibility of connecting with the LMD conference coordinator in order to team up for a session on leadership and management.  Health sciences librarianship was raised as a possible topic and we could connect with the health sciences interest group—Michael suggested that NLM has field librarians for the region and that people at UMB would be good contacts.

More meetings scheduled
As of now, these meetings will be held at Loyola-Notre Dame Library in Baltimore.

July 11, 1-3
August 8, 1-3
September 6, 1-3

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