Request for Poster Session and Lightning Talk submissions for MLA/DLA Conference

This year at the MLA Annual Conference, we’re pleased to offer two new ways to present on the initiatives you’re working on — poster sessions and lightning talks. If you’ve got a project you want to share, please consider sending in a poster session proposal or prepping a lightning talk. We hope to see you there this May!
Poster Sessions

On Thursday, small tables will be lined up along the hallway outside Program Rooms 1, 2, and 3. The area will be dedicated to poster sessions: visual displays about a topic/project of your choice. This is an ideal venue for LATI and MLLI graduates to introduce yourselves and your interests to the library community. Poster Sessions are open to everyone.

To submit a poster session proposal, go to the Poster Session submission form on the MLA site:
and fax it to me at the number on the bottom of the form.

Lightning Talks: Your Conference Soapbox

On Friday morning from 10:30 – 11:15, just outside the vendor room, participants will be given an opportunity to do 5-minute presentations on their chosen topic. A laptop, projector, and screen will be provided for those who want to use visual aids. We’ll leave the schedule for this a little loose, but contact me if you want to be guaranteed a slot on the schedule. If there are still open slots that day, “walk-ins” are welcome!

Monica McAbee
MLA/DLA Conference Director, 2011
301-336-4388 (phone)
301-808-6867 (fax)

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