ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 9/14/10

Attendees: David Dahl, Gergana Kostova, Jane Williams, Katy Sullivan, Alison Cody, Joanna Gadsby, Danielle Whren Johnson

Fall Program Update

There were 11 individuals registered at last check.  Promoting the program to CLD and ACRL national members (through our email brochure) should help increase the registration numbers.  An email was also sent to the College Park iSchool student listserv.  Individuals should continue promoting the program to their colleagues.

Conference Committee Report

Delaware Library Association will be joining the MLA Conference.  ACRL MD should reach out to their academic division for programming ideas.

Most of the awards will be part of the Friday luncheon, which will be the official end of the conference.

Some sessions will be recorded.  Committee organizers will check to see who is interested in having their session recorded and select those that are best suited for this format.

Other MLA programs of potential interest include sessions on open-source integrated library systems (sponsored by TSD), green libraries (sponsored by LMD), examples of summer reading displays, and potentially a cooking demo (details TBA).

Wednesday evening will feature “Battle Decks”, which is a presentation-focused contest where contestants must give a presentation connecting a topic with unrelated slides/images.  Contestants will need to register for this in advance.

There is also discussion of possibly having a poster session (or another format) featuring projects being worked on by participants in the Maryland Library Leadership Institute.

Conference Program Updates

Brandi Whitlock is interested in co-presenting with UB librarians for the “For-credit information literacy” program.

Several ideas were discussed  in relation to the session on “Getting into the publishing game”.  Trudi Hahn and Paul Jaeger at College Park expressed interest in presenting.  Katy said she would contact them to find out how long their presentation would run and other details.  It was suggested that adding a librarian with publishing experience and a representative from a publishing company would make a nice panel discussion.  This type of session might be appropriate for a 2 hour 45 minute time slot.

Program proposals are due October 15th.

Distribution of ACRL MD Brochure

The idea of mailing a print brochure to ACRL national members living in Maryland had to be abandoned/revised.  Printing the color brochure would cost over $400, which the MLA office has informed us is too much.  The brochure has been redesigned so that it can be emailed to ACRL national members.  Some brochures will be printed for distribution at ACRL MD programs and the MLA Conference.

Volunteer Needed for 2011-12 Officer Nominations

A volunteer is needed to handle the officer nomination process for the upcoming year.  Katy suggested that Simmona Simmons has served this role in the past and may be willing to do so this year.  The due date for nominations is not known at this time.

ACRL MD Publication/Newsletter

David will send out a call for volunteers to start planning the publication.

Spring Program Planning

The plan is to hold another unconference.  A preliminary discussion of possible themes, dates, and locations was held.  The end of May was suggested as a good time to hold the unconference in order to avoid conflicts with other conferences.  It was suggested that it might be good to hold the unconference at Loyola-Notre Dame Library since it worked for the unconference last year.

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