ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 7/13/10

Presentation on QR Codes

Janet Hack,  Web Services Librarian at UMBC, gave a presentation on QR codes.  These codes can be “read” by smartphones that have a QR code reader on them.  There are several free readers available.  UMBC has begun to use QR codes on library bookmarks, handouts, and digital signage.  An informal survey of 5 graduate students revealed that two had knowledge of QR codes, while the others thought they would use them now that they knew about them.

Report from ACRL Chapters Council Meeting at ALA

Danielle attended the ACRL Chapters Council Meeting at ALA.  Chapters were encouraged to submit forms for funding from ACRL.  Danielle did this for last fiscal year, and ACRL MD received $299.  This amount is based on the number of ACRL members in Maryland, not the number of ACRL MD members.

Chapter members were also encouraged to nominate their members for ACRL awards.

ACRL would like to increase collaboration between chapters.  It was felt that making more program content available online would help with this.  The New England Chapter’s most recent program was given as an example because it was made available online.

Megan Oakleaf gave a presentation to the meeting attendees about assessment and ROI for libraries.  The focus of this was in relation to the university’s/college’s institutional goals.

Report on progress/further planning of Fall Program

The program is scheduled for October 15, 2010 and will run from approximately 9am to 1pm.  A location is still being determined, but the program will be held in western Maryland.  Danielle is checking with Frederick Community College to see if they would be willing to host the program.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • 9am: program registration
  • 9:30-10:30am: presentation on Perry’s model of intellectual and ethical developmen
  • 10:30-11:30am: pro/con debate about the effectiveness of one-shot library instruction – a volunteer is still needed for the argument agains one-shots
  • 11:30-11:45am: break
  • 11:45-12:45pm: alternatives to the one-shot library session, including presentations about embedded librarians and roving reference

Report from MLA conference committee meeting

Feedback from last year’s conference was shared:

  • Some attendees felt the technology session was geared towards experts and was described as “elitist” by one attendee.  This was discussed and it was felt that indicating prerequisite skill levels might help attendees decide if the session was geared towards them.
  • The IL session was well-received.  It was recommended that the conference try to have more sessions about public/academic library collaborations.

The conference theme for 2011 is “Something for Everyone”.  Alison suggested that this theme might be advantageous to ACRL MD’s efforts to draw more academic librarians to the conference.  Barbara Jones from ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom is tentatively scheduled as the keynote speaker.

Several potential programs were shared that could be of interest to ACRL MD:

  • easy web development/management
  • video editing
  • social/outreach presence
  • collection development pre-conference (children/YA)
  • teen brain and developmental training – programming for / interacting with teens

Further planning for MLA 2011 conference

  • Mary Somers would like to help with the session on copyright and creative commons.
  • Joyce Garczynski agreed to do a pre-conference about assessment. The focus of this would be on choosing/creating good assessment tools and making use of the data that is collected.
  • Michael is willing to do the Presentation Zen session.  It might be good to find someone else since Michael may be presenting another session.
  • Alison will give a presentation on library applications of free and easy to use technologies.
  • Michael and possibly others from UB can do a session about lessons learned from a for-credit information literacy program.  It was suggested that it might be good to get a co-presenter from a different institution with a similar program.
  • Katy will organize a session about getting into the publishing game.  She will put out a call for speakers. Julie Arnold at UMUC was suggested as a possibility.

Program approval forms are due on October 15th. Presenter agreement and publicity forms are due November 12th.

Report on action items for recruitment/promotion efforts

Danielle received an updated list of ACRL MD “members” from MLA.  She also received a list of ACRL members living in Maryland from ACRL.  This information includes email and mailing addresses. We will plan to send brochures encouraging these members to participate in ACRL MD.  The brochures should include both upcoming programs as well as past programs.

ACRL MD’s section of the MLA website has been updated:  bylaws were amended to reflect the division’s name change; officers for 2010-2011 were updated.

David began setting up a web presence for ACRL MD on several social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Flickr.  The ACRL MD blog, Flickr, and shared items on Google Reader are automatically fed to Twitter and Facebook.  This will help keep these pages active without requiring a lot of maintenance.

David will advertise these new web presences on Marylib and other ACRL MD communication methods.

Other items

David suggested that ACRL MD continue pursuing the idea of creating a publication.  David will start investigating the logistics of producing this.  This will be presented at the next meeting.

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