ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 6/15/10

Attendees: Shana Gass, Danielle Whren Johnson, Michael Shochet, Alison Cody, Katy Sullivan, Joanna Gadsby, Gergana Kostova, David Dahl, Simmona E. Simmons

New ACRL MD Officers (2010-2011)
President – Danielle Whren Johnson, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
Vice-president/president-elect – Alison Cody, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
Secretary – David Dahl, Towson University

Wrap-up/Evaluation of 2009-2010 Activities
The Fall Program had lower attendance than desired and lost $200.  The cost of the program combined with cuts in professional development funding in academic libraries may have contributed significantly to the low attendance.

The Spring Program (unconference) was well-received.  The program earned $453 and received positive feedback from attendees.  Many attendees expressed the desire to do hold this type of program more frequently.  Concerns were raised as to how frequently something like this should be done with the general consensus being approximately once per year.  ACRL MD will look to do this again for the 2011 Spring Program.  A few suggestions for improvement were made, including providing more structure for the sessions (i.e. enforcing time limits) and expanding the duration of the program to a full day.

Not much information is available for the MLA Conference programs.  It was generally observed that the programs were well-attended.  A few individuals felt that the mobile technology session was too technical.

Discussion of recruitment initiatives
Numerous ideas were discussed for increasing membership and involvement in ACRL MD:

  • Reach out to students through collaboration with MLA’s student liaison and sending meeting and program announcements to College Park’s library science student listserv
  • Mail an updated brochure to MLA members who expressed interest in ACRL MD (Alison will work on updating the brochure)
  • Include short presentations at business meetings to add a professional development incentive for attending (Katy will work on getting a speaker for the July meeting)
  • Create a social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook (David will begin work on this)
  • Bring in an ACRL officer as a guest speaker (this is free for chapters to do every three years)
  • Utilize teleconferencing to extend meetings to those who cannot attend in-person
  • Increase promotion and notoriety of the ACRL MD track within the MLA Conference
  • Collaborate with neighboring states’ associations
  • Hold the Fall Program in Western Maryland to reach out to that area of the state
  • Create an ACRL MD publication featuring news items and short articles (Some details of this were discussed. It was thought that doing an electronic publication would be the most cost-effective method of publication.  Determining whether or not to send it out on Marylib versus just making it available to members was questioned.)
  • Update the list of current MLA members who are interested in ACRL MD (Danielle will check with the MLA office to see if a current list is available)

Brainstorm for next year’s programming
The MLA 2011 Conference will be held from 5/4 to 5/6.

Several program topics were suggested for the coming year:

  • A few librarians at University of Baltimore have been investigating William Perry’s scheme of intellectual and ethical development and its relationship to teaching information literacy.
  • Michael volunteered to do a presentation on lessons learned from teaching a 3-credit information literacy class.  This would cover more of the implications for doing one-shots and for-credit classes rather than discussing the implementation of the 3-credit class.
  • A session on making good presentations based on the “Presentation Zen” idea was discussed.  The initial idea was focused on “how to make PowerPoints that don’t suck”
  • As librarians roles change and expand, it would be interesting to look at the idea of “scope creep” in librarianship.  What things are librarians doing that aren’t traditional functions of librarianship.  Embedded librarianship was suggested as a component of this.
  • Alison and two colleagues had recently done a presentation on the application of free/low-cost technologies in libraries.  This program was well-received and would probably be a popular session if done at the MLA conference.
  • Many libraries are still dealing with making the best use of their buildings to create student spaces.  A session on best practices and/or ideals when creating these spaces would be useful.  Steven Bell at Temple was suggested as a potential speaker.
  • It was suggested that a presentation on demonstrating the library’s value (ROI) would be especially relevant given the current economic climate.
  • UMBC is implementing a roving reference service.  This topic could be combined with the embedded librarian topic.
  • A session on doing effective assessment (surveys, focus groups, etc.) was suggested.  This has the potential to be turned into a pre-conference at MLA.  Terra Sehehr (sp?) from Loyola was suggested as a possible speaker.
  • Other ACRL chapters have done sessions on distance learning, copyright and creative commons, and scholarly communication.
  • An introductory session on getting in the “publishing game” was done several years ago and might be good to repeat.

The potential topics were looked at to determine what would make a good fall program.  After some discussion the potential title “The one-shot is dead, long-live the one-shot!” was suggested.  This would focus on models and strategies related to librarian teaching.  It was initially decided that sessions about Perry’s stages and the embedded librarianship program would work well within this.  The idea of staging a debate for and against the one-shot library session was also suggested.  Shana volunteered to argue for the one-shot.  The person who argues against it should ideally be someone who is trying a different way of teaching information literacy.

The fall program will most likely be held in mid-to-late October at a undetermined location in western Maryland.

Upcoming meetings
Meetings were scheduled for July 13th, August 10th, and September 14th.  All meetings will be held in the library at UMBC from 1-3 PM.  Details will be provided as these dates approach.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend ACRL MD’s business meetings.

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