ARLD Meeting Minutes 9/10/09

Fall program (9/18/09)
Registration is low at this point (13 morning, 12 afternoon).  The registration deadline will be extended until Monday 9/14/09.  Please pass on the program description to any colleagues, friends, etc. who may be interested in attending.
Danielle will pick up Judi from the hotel Friday morning.
It was suggested that the programs be video-taped to make available at a low cost for those who are unable to attend in person.  It was decided that there will not be enough time to make the necessary arrangements before 9/18/09.

Annual conference (4/21/09-4/23/09)
Deadline for speaker forms is Oct. 10th.

There are several speakers interested in doing sessions related to information literacy.  The possibility of a panel discussion was suggested or a 2 hour 45 minute session featuring several speakers on different topics related to information literacy.  Danielle will contact the interested speakers to determine which format will work best.

It was also suggested that ARLD should try to increase academic librarians’ interest in the MLA Annual Conference.  Friday could potentially be a day for sessions of interest to academic libraries/librarians in order to alleviate the cost of hotels and registration fees for those only interested in sessions related to academic librarians.  A separate “Academic Libraries” track could be formalized to promote the involvement of academic libraries at the MLA conference.  The Virginia Library Association’s Annual Conference might be a good model for this.

The proposed “technology session” will consist of two main components: (1) A hands-on opportunity for librarians to look at and play with mobile devices; (2) A show and tell component where library websites will be viewed on mobile devices; tips and advice for designing mobile websites and making library websites more “mobile friendly” will be shared.  David and Alison will continue to do the planning for this session.

There are two pre-conferences planned for this year’s conference:

  • one full day workshop on project management
  • one 1/2 day workshop on graphic design

Spring program (date TBD)
The Spring program will be based around the idea of an unconference.  The program should be relatively inexpensive. Anyone wishing to contribute to the planning of the program (i.e. choosing a location, topics, marketing) should get in touch with Michael.

Several ideas were mentioned in relation to when this program should be held.  There was general consensus that holding the program in May (after the Annual conference) would be best.

Name Change
A vote was held to change the official name of the Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA to ACRL, Maryland Chapter.  The name change was approved unanimously.  The abbreviated form of the division’s new name will be ACRL MD. The decision will now be taken to the MLA Executive Council for final approval. David will look into reflecting this change in the name of the division’s WordPress blog and Yahoo! group.

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