ARLD Meeting Minutes 8/4/09

Attendees: Patty MacDonald, Michael Shochet, Jenny Hock, Amy Krug, Shu Qian, David Dahl, Katy Sullivan, Danielle Whren Johnson, Regina Rose, Joanna Gadsby, Nancy Nyland, Alison Cody

Fall Program (9/18/09)
The program is ready to go.  There will be a morning session featuring presentations by Susan Strasser and Judi Briden.  Judi Briden will run a workshop in the afternoon.  Attendance for the morning session is not limited; the afternoon session will be limited to about 20 participants.

Marketing the program will be important.  Ideas were given for marketing avenues, including listservs (neighboring library associations, divisions, and national lists), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, mailing brochures to MLA members, announcing in ACRL Update, contacting area library directors, and highlighting the program on the MLA website.

Individuals were encouraged to promote the program using their personal social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

  • Regina will put together a brochure to be mailed to MLA members.  (MLA will fund one mailing per year.)
  • Nancy will contact the D.C. Library Association and Lyrasis
  • Patty will contact the Delaware Library Association
  • David will send an email to library directors encouraging them to send employees to the program

Name Change
Voting on the proposed name change (from ARLD to ACRL Maryland Chapter) will be held during a business meeting in September.

Changing the name requires changing the bylaws for which a two-thirds majority is necessary.  A minimum of 10 voting members participate in voting in order for it to be official.  Thirty days of notice must be given before a vote is held.

Progress Reports for Annual Conference Programs

  • Running an effective business meeting – Michael looked into potential presenters from College Park, but this doesn’t appear to be an option.
  • Information literacy session – Michael talked to Patti Pfau at Harford Community College.  She showed initial in putting together a session about high school students and information literacy.  Patty talked to Moe Chakraborty at Salisbury University about a program on faculty-librarian collaboration.  She also discussed a session on media literacy with Sarah Crest at Towson University.
  • Katy is in contact with one of Towson’s graphic designers about a graphic design pre-conference.  Looking for someone with good presentation skills in addition to design skills.
  • Regina is interested in putting together a session about “survival guides/tips” for un- or under-employed librarians.  This could also include sensitivity training for search committees and interviewers.  It might be possible to co-sponsor the session with other divisions.
  • David will continue to pursue a topic for a technology-related session.  Towson University has recently undertaken a few mobile initiatives that could be turned into a session.  He will put out a call for speakers or session ideas on the MLA listserv.
  • Nancy will continue to pursue evidence-based librarianship.
  • Danielle will follow-up on a project management session.

Program forms are due October 9th.  These include the presentation topic, proposed day and time, learning objectives, format, suggested speakers, and estimated audience size.

Presenter agreement forms due November 13th.

Spring Program

Several ideas were presented for a spring program focusing on inexpensive and “cutting-edge” concepts.  Michael suggested doing an “unconference” based on the model presented at ALA Annual 2009 was discussed – sessions would be voted on with most popular sessions actually being presented.  Along these lines, David suggested having attendees vote on a “theme” or “issue” that could be addressed by small, facilitated discussion groups.  It was agreed that something incorporating both of these ideas would be worth pursuing further.

A demonstration of UMBC's interactive whiteboard, powered by Wii remotes.
A demonstration of UMBC's interactive whiteboard, powered by Wii remotes.


Shu Qian gave a presentation and demo of UMBC’s interactive learning space.  The room makes use of Wii remotes to create an interactive whiteboard.

Next Meeting
Time: 9/10/09 from 1-3 PM
Location: UMBC Library 353G
A vote on the proposed name change will be held at this meeting.

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