ARLD Meeting Minutes 7/7/09

ARLD Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2009
UMBC Library

Attendees: Joanna Gadsby, Jenny Hock, Kay Kazinski, Lynda Aldana, Shu Qian, Simmona Simmons, Michael Shochet, David Dahl, Nancy Nyland, Katy Sullivan, Danielle Whren-Johnson, Lee Marie Wisel, Raymond Wang

Introduction of new officers
Michael Shochet, University of Baltimore – President
Danielle Whren-Johnson, Loyola/Notre Dame – Vice-president/President-elect
David Dahl, Towson University – Secretary

Overview of Fall Program (9/18/09)
The program is 95% complete; still working out details such as catering, pricing, etc.

The program will feature two speakers:

  • Susan Strasser, Professor of History, University of Delaware – “What Faculty Want”
  • Judi Briden – University of Rochester’s research on undergraduate students and their use of library resources

A workshop led by Judi Briden will most likely be held in the afternoon on the 18th.  The workshop will cover ethnographic techniques that librarians can use at their home institutions.

The program will be held at Capitol College; Michael is working out the final details for this.  There will be separate costs for the morning and afternoon sessions.

Division Name Change
This was a follow-up to past discussion about changing the division’s name to reflect its association with ACRL.  The name change would require a change in the bylaws and a 30 day notice to all ARLD members.  An announcement will be made and voting can be held at the next meeting.

MLA Annual Conference 2010
Danielle attended the first program planning committee meeting for the 2010 Conference.  The conference will be held from April 21-23, 2010.  This is earlier than normal and will most likely affect the timing of ARLD’s spring program.  Program approval forms are due by 10/9/09.  At that time, a final list of programs needs to be submitted.
It was also noted that conference funds are down this year.  Speakers can most likely be brought in for pre-conferences and programs if funds are recuperated.

Annual & Spring Program Ideas
Discussion ensued about potential programs and workshops for both ARLD’s Spring Program and the MLA Annual Conference.  The following topics were suggested:

  • Information literacy – collaborating with faculty
  • Working in a multi-generational workplace – it may be possible to co-sponsor this program with another MLA division
  • Project planning & management – Danielle mentioned that this topic was brought up previously at the MLA Program Planning meeting.  There is a possibility of getting speakers for this from Notre Dame
  • Technology related presentation – mobile technologies were suggested by David; Michael suggested widgets (igoogle, etc.)
  • Graphic design program – it was suggested that this could be a pre-conference (hands-on workshop). Graphic designers from The Sun or the Washington Post could be potential speakers (possibly free).
  • Interactive learning w/technology – using whiteboards was brought up as a potential sub-topic.
  • Evidence-based librarianship – this topic had been mentioned previously. The Health Interest Group may be interested in co-sponsoring this program.
  • Working with online classes/distance learning – this would cover new methods & best practices.
  • Conflict management
  • Running effective meetings/participating in meetings effectively – running committees was suggested as a related topic.

Follow-up on program ideas
The next step is to look for speakers for topics.  The following attendees volunteered to begin to investigate speakers for the respective topics:

  • Nancy Nyland – evidence-based librarianship & multi-generational workplace
  • Lynda Aldana – Project planning/management
  • Katy Sullivan – Graphic design program
  • Michael Shochet -running effective meetings (potential speakers from College Park)
  • David Dahl – technology-related program (e.g. widgets, mobile technology, etc.)

David will talk to MILEX members about the possibility of co-sponsoring a Spring Program related to information literacy and faculty collaboration. Michael will present other topics to absent librarians for ideas, leads, etc.

Bus trip
Some interest was expressed in putting together a bus trip.  Past trips have beend difficult to manage due to the costs and planning involved.  The last trip, planned for New York City, was cancelled due to a lack of interest.  Philadelphia and Baltimore museum libraries were suggested as two potential destinations.

ALA Annual
David will attend the ACRL Chapter’s Council meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago

Kay Kazinski, Library Technology Coordinator at Towson University, gave a demonstration of the LibX toolbar (  The toolbar is an open-source tool that can be customized by libraries to provide another means of accessing library resources.  Her handout for getting started is available at

Meeting Location
Possible meeting locations were discussed.  Both Montgomery College and Morgan State University were suggested as potential meeting locations.  It was decided that it was better to hold business meetings near Baltimore since officers and program planners are mostly located in this area.  The idea of hosting spring and fall programs in more “remote” areas was suggested.

Next meeting
Time: 8/4/09; 1-3 PM
Location: UMBC Library

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