ARLD Program on Marketing Your Library

Friday ARLD hosted the program Marketing Your Library: Planning, Publications, Winning Awards and $$$!

Deborah Nolan the University Librarian at the Albert S. Cook Library at Towson University gave an excellent presentation on how to develop a marketing plan for you library that included hands on activities to give participants a feel for the process.

Next Eleni Swengler, Senior Graphic Designer from Towson University presented on creating great do-it-yourself marketing materials. She provided information on dos and don’ts and finished by having the participants critique some existing library marketing materials. (See below for her powerpoint)

Finally, Nancy Magnuson the College Librarian from the Julia Rogers Library at Goucher College discussed the John Cotton Dana award, which is awarded to libraries for outstanding public relations campaigns. She talked about Goucher’s application and receipt of the award as well as more general information about applying for the award.

It was a great program with lots of excellent information that librarians can use to jumpstart the marketing efforts at their libraries.

Lots of good ideas were discussed at the program. Please use our comment section to continue the discussion on marketing at your library.


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