Meeting Minutes July 25, 2008

ARLD Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2008

Cook Library, Towson University

Attendees: Danielle Whren, Alison Cody, Regina Rose, Liz Beere, Ada Woods, Barbara Snead, Claire Holmes, Amanda Feigley, Shana Gass, Carissa Tomlinson, Debbie Nolan, Lucy Holman, Gabe Adugna, John Breitmeyer, Michael Shochet, Patty MacDonald, David Dahl, Jeff Maehre (virtually from Frostburg)

Ideas for Promoting ARLD

  • Addressed idea brought up at last meeting of changing name to reflect ARLD as the MD’s state chapter of ACRL. Proposed name change to MD chapter of ACRL (MDACRL). If we change the name we have to go through bylaws and get approved by MLA. Patty will look into this.
  • We do get money from ACRL (usually to fund a large mailing), and they will give us the names of all the MD librarians who are registered with ACRL
  • Alison is looking into updating the current ARLD brochure. Want to revisit the mission statement. Once brochure is updated send a copy of the brochure with a cover letter to all academic library directors in MD.
  • The blog and wiki have been added to the ARLD page on MLA’s website.

Fall Program

  • Program topic will be Open Source Software for Libraries presented by Andrew Nagy (Villanova University) on VUFind and Jerry Keiser (Kent County Public Library) at Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD on Thursday September 18, 2008.
  • Brief discussion on whether we should add in a segment on digital repositories and make it a full day program. Decided against.
  • Villanova usually gets $500 for speaking. Will need to factor this into cost of program. Proceeds of program go to MLA
  • Need to charge minimum of $30 per person for contact hours
  • Discussion of whether we want to include both breakfast and lunch as part of the program. Doing both would add approximately $15 to the fee. Decided we need lunch included because there are no restaurants near Chesapeake College.
  • Idea of making program available by teleconference brought up. Currently program is not scheduled to be held in their library, but possibly could be moved to accommodate. Perhaps charge ½ price for teleconferencers. Lucy will look into ability to teleconference.
  • Will send out save the date even though details are still being worked out.
  • This date does not conflict with MILEX’s program

Fall Bus Tour

  • Looking at one of first 3 Fridays in November
  • Katy has tried to contact the J.P. Morgan Library or possibly one of the NY Public libraries. Lucy brought list of possible libraries arranged geographically and asked people to mark any they are particularly interested in.
  • Joanne is working on a bus company.
  • Will probably go in early morning, tour 1-2 libraries, the have time for lunch, shopping, etc.

Conference Programs

  • Conference is May 13-15
  • Need preliminary proposals for conference by September 21
  • What Faculty Want program being set up by Patty. Speaker is from the Humanities may try and find another faculty member from the Sciences
  • Alison suggested outreach to students-may be able to get a graphic designer to give info on how to make your library materials look better. Michael will ask at UB to see if any of the graphic design faculty would be interested in participating. Suggestion that perhaps this would be better for a spring program/workshop rather than a conference program as graphic designers would most likely charge money to participate. Could be tied in with the idea of developing a library marketing plan already suggested by Debbie Nolan for the spring program.
  • Michael will be in touch with Nancy Nyland about the evidence based library practice idea she suggested at the last meeting.
  • Michael discussed his cooperative subject pages blog. Most likely will focus on business to start. Other ideas brought up included using Facebook and Delicious for similar purposes. Michael will send out an email soliciting participation in the project soon.
  • Working in a multigenerational workplace-get perspectives from librarians in different stages of their careers as well as in different types of libraries. Alison and Joanne will possibly look into this program.
  • How Students Search-Lucy Holman’s program. She prefers that other programs be looked into first with using hers a last resort.
  • David Dahl suggested a program on a technology/organizational blog in the works at Towson’s Cook Library. Could create program to talk about the blog, and how they find the information they put in the blog and keeping up with technology.
  • Conquer your fear of business questions-Get one academic and one public librarian to talk about business resources. Shana Gass has offered to be the academic librarian.

Adobe Captivate Presentation

David Dahl from Towson’s Cook Library demonstrated how to make a tutorial using Adobe Captivate.

Next meeting Friday October 10, 1-3 pm.

Location: TBA

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