Meeting minutes 6/13/08

ARLD Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2008
Loyola Notre Dame Library
Attendees: Patty MacDonald, Alison Cody, Sue Bonsteel, Jeffrey Hutson, Nancy
Nyland, Shana Gass, Michael Shochet, Barbara Snead, Katy Sullivan, Joanne Helouvry,
Bob Garber, Josh Hurwitz, Charles Lockwood, Danielle Whren

Introduction of 2008-2009 ARLD Officers

Patty MacDonald-President
Michael Shochet-Vice-President/President Elect
Danielle Whren-Secretary
Nancy Nyland of Montgomery College-Germantown Campus brought 2 questions before
the group.
1. She wanted to know if anyone was doing anything with evidence based library
information (data driven decision making).
2. She also was interested in finding out how other schools (particularly community
colleges) were weeding based on print vs. online.

Brainstorming for ARLD programming

Attendees were asked to brainstorm ideas for the coming year’s ARLD programming
including a tour (usually in November), a fall program (usually in September), a spring
program (usually in March or April), and conference programming.
As suggested by the current conference chair at MLA’s Leadership Day on June 12,
Michael Shochet suggested devising programming based on a SWOT analysis
Brainstorming ideas:

  • Outreach/Marketing to students
  • Evidence based library information
  • Online vs. print weeding
  • Next-generation catalogs-what is out there now and where might it go in the

future. Howard County Public Library is implementing open source catalog.
Perhaps get them or another library who has done it to show the front and back
end of the system.

  • How can academic libraries work together more? Idea to collaborate on subject

resources. Create an RSS feed/blog that would be updated by several librarians
with information on specific subjects. Work on collaboration and setting it up
now with possible conference program describing process and results.

  • Working in a multi-generational workplace
  • How students search
  • What faculty want
  • Gaming and/or tutorials
  • Tours-NY bus tour including visiting one of the NY libraries
  • Lorcan Dempsey-getting data out of the library, allowing people to find

information outside of the library webpage
Attendees volunteered to investigate ideas more in preparation for the next meeting.

  • What faculty want-good for a stand alone program because not broad appeal

for conference. Will try for fall program but if speaker not available possibly
spring. Patty MacDonald will look into.

  • Barbara Snead will look into online vs. print weeding for possible panel

discussion. Joanne Helouvry will look into information about similar program
possibly being put on by USMAI. Might try for joint program.

  • Nancy Nyland will look into information on how students use technology/how

students search and for a possible speaker on evidence based library

  • Joanne will look into the multigenerational workplace for a possible

conference program
Need Conference proposals by September 21 including program title and learning
Need speaker for programs by November
How to Increase Participation in ARLD
Discussion of how to increase participation in ARLD, particularly for libraries outside of
the Baltimore area.

  • Teleconferencing – The University System of Maryland libraries have software

that can be used.

  • Continue to strengthen connection to ACRL- There is an ACRL meeting at ALA

for chapter presidents (Patty will attend)

  • Promote us as the state chapter of ACRL instead of just saying ARLD
  • Spell out ARLD so people know what it stands for
  • Possibly change name to MDACRL or ACRL MD chapter
  • Increase communications- continue communications through marylib, and ARLD

yahoo group. Look at MLA website to see what updates need to be made. Create
blog and/or wiki for ARLD.
Video-streaming presentation
Danielle Whren gave a demonstration of the video streaming projects they are working
on at the Loyola Notre Dame Library.
Next Meeting: July 25 1-3 (location TBD)- will try to include Captivate

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